Jul 31, 2014

Red Date Water restores youth and vitality

Sometimes I worry my friends with my pale face and lips. They would think that I'm so ill that I might faint anytime. According to Chinese medicine, this shows that my blood flow is not good and I have often been advised to drink Red Date Water, which has proven to work for so many people who did not have a good blood flow, especially females. 

Real-life cases

* Many ladies drank this magic potion and their face had that healthy pink colour again.

* Some ladies experience menstrual cramps during or before their periods. Red date water has helped relieve the pain. 

* People who use the computer for a long time at work, or who work a long time believe they have their strengths restored after drinking the water for a few days.

Red Date Water


Red dates (jujubes, or Chinese dates) are often used for medical purposes. It can strengthen the liver and spleen. Liver and spleen are filtration systems that keep poisons from entering the body. It is often poor liver or spleen that causes exhaustion and spots on the skin. Now you understand why Red Date Water can restore youth and vitality.

Many Hong Kong people like to drink Red Date Water before the whole day of work. Some like to drink it after work when they return home. 

I believe having this magic water at parties is good too. First, it is easy to make. Second, it is essential for busy modern people to maintain their health. Third, red dates were considered "fortune food" in ancient Chinese society. The Chinese name of red dates includes the sound of "early" or "soon" in Chinese. The dates were often given to newlyweds alongside with some other fortune food, hoping the couple to have a child soon. Not to mention, red symbolizes good luck in traditional Chinese culture.

Red Date Water can be the healthiest party drink

Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Yield: 3-4 cups

Red dates: 12-14 
Water: 1200ml 
Eggs, boiled and peeled: 3 or 4 (optional)


1. Rinse red dates. Soak them in water to make them soft. 

You may store red dates in freezer for later use.

2. Cut the red dates open and remove the seeds.

3. Pour water into a pot and add dates. 
Seedless red dates are add into water

4. With a lid on the pot, bring to a boil over high heat. 

5. Switch off the heat when the water boils. Do NOT remove the lid. Keep the water in the pot for an additional 30 minutes before serving. Add peeled boiled eggs into the sweet soup now if you want to serve with eggs.

When drinking, you may crush the red dates with a spoon for better sweetness.

Can I have red dates during pregnancy?

Some people say that pregnant women shouldn't have red dates; some say the opposite and believe red dates can help labor. I believe in eating in moderation, especially during pregnancy. Overeating any kind of food is not good. Mama Natural suggests eating 6 dates a day.


Do you like this recipe? I would love to hear from you.

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