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(C. Lai pronounced as see-lie)

The author of this website, Cin Chau Lai, would love to share her recipes and food stories with you all.

Who is C. Lai?

Growing up  in Hong Kong, Cin Chau has been influenced by the special combination of Chinese and English food cultures. She did not really see the uniqueness of Hong Kong food until she moved to Canada and talked about food with different peoples! (She is now living in San Francisco.)

Cin Chau was married to her husband, Lai, and became Cin Chau Lai. She didn't really cook before she got married. But once she began to cook, she started to realize how blissful it is to cook for whom she loves despite all the time and efforts required.

What is c lai?

C lai is a Cantonese phrase referring to married women, especially housewives. The term may be considered derogatory, as people may immediately picture housewives wearing casual T-shirts bargaining in the market.

C. Lai the author loves the term c lai. She remembers her diseased mum, probably a typical c lai, who spent most of her precious time taking care of the family. She cleaned the flat every day, cooked almost every day, and had her mind on the family every night and day! Cin Lai still remembers how excited her mum was every time she finished cooking, and how shy and happy she was after she created new delicious dishes.

C lai is a sweet phrase of love and devotion to a family.

Bricks or stones don't make home; Love does.
(Illustrated by Cin Chau Lai)

Cin Chau Lai has another blog in Chinese about her life and travels:

Email: sinyeechaulai@gmail.com

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