Jul 31, 2014

Red Date Water restores youth and vitality

Sometimes I worry my friends with my pale face and lips. They would think that I'm so ill that I might faint anytime. According to Chinese medicine, this shows that my blood flow is not good and I have often been advised to drink Red Date Water, which has proven to work for so many people who did not have a good blood flow, especially females. 

Real-life cases

* Many ladies drank this magic potion and their face had that healthy pink colour again.

* Some ladies experience menstrual cramps during or before their periods. Red date water has helped relieve the pain. 

* People who use the computer for a long time at work, or who work a long time believe they have their strengths restored after drinking the water for a few days.

Jul 29, 2014

Oven-Baked Crispy Tortilla Chips

I had crispy tortilla chips (my dip: salsa ranch) and buttered corn (a popular snack in Hong Kong^^) for breakfast.

Crispy Tortilla Chips

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What is good about homemade tortilla chips are: 1) They are especially good served hot! 2) You can create the specific flavor you like! Of course, choose a dip you like, and enjoy the chips as much as you like!

Tortilla chips (dip: salsa ranch)

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Yield: 1 serving

Jul 25, 2014

Healthy Seaweed Tofu Soup

Thinking about what to cook for my Canadian friends last week, I decided to make the dinner more Hong-Kong-ish, and have all soup, rice, main dishes and dessert. If you have read my article "Chinese Pot Soup", you probably remember we like herbal soup. But I don't want to frighten my friends with very special flavors, so I went for this simple Seaweed Tofu Soup. Of course, my friends loved it so much (I only cook what I love~^^)! 

Seaweed Tofu Soup

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Seaweed is said to be able to help lower blood pressure. Tofu (Bean curd) is rich in antioxidants and can improve skin. The soup is beneficial to health. It is recommended you have this soup before eating fatty food.  

Jul 24, 2014

Great party food: Enoki Beef Rolls

Enoki beef rolls is a Japanese dish, but you know, Hong Kong people just enjoy trying different cuisines. Many of us like making them at home for lunch or dinner.

In Hong Kong, people usually pan-fry the rolls, while I prefer baking them for THREE reasons: 

Jul 16, 2014

The most popular party food in Hong Kong

I went for a picnic with my friends last Saturday and shared with my friends the most popular party food in Hong Kong, Pineapple and Sausage Skewers. They loved them just as my Hong Kong friends and I did.

When I was young, I had Pineapple and Sausage Skewers for every school Christmas party, and most birthday parties. It is the simplest party food to make, yet the taste never fails anyone. 

Jul 11, 2014

Starry Mini Pineapple Buns (Hong Kong Style)

Pineapple bun (Bo Lo Bau) is a specialty in Hong Kong. Pineapple buns do not really have pineapple inside. The bun got its name only because its cookie-like top crust resembles the thick rough skin of a pineapple.

Mini Pineapple Buns

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You don't usually find pineapple bun crusts like mine. Here is the unique recipe for my lovely mini-pineapple buns.

Jul 4, 2014

World Cup Fiesta: Brazilian Fish Stew, Moqueca

Are you a World Cup fan? Or are your family or friends World Cup enthusiasts? There's nothing better than enjoying delicious food when family and friends gather together to watch matches. The recipe I'm going to introduce may not be a very simple one, but it is worth it when you see the smiles on those you love, eating what you have prepared for them with love.

Moqueca (Brazilian Fish Stew)