Sep 24, 2014

Goji Berry Chicken Soup

Having tried chicken with different flavors, I've decided to go for a Chinese taste with the goji berries my friend gave me. Goji berries (枸杞 / 杞子, also called wolfberries or goji) have been used in Chinese medicine, wine and herbal tea for thousands of years. Not only is this Goji Berry Chicken Soup a good change of taste, it is considered a good health supplement.

Dried goji berries

According to traditional Chinese medicine, goji berries can help to treat diabetes and high blood pressure. They can reduce physical fatigue and dizziness. It is also believed they can protect our eyes.

Note: Goji berries could interact with some drugs. If you are using blood thinners, or taking diabetic medication or blood pressure drugs, you may want to avoid goji berries. Otherwise, goji berries are safe (when consumed in moderation, of course). [It is said that a healthy adult should consume about 20g of goji every day. A person can eat up to 30g of goji for medical purpose.]

Sep 15, 2014

Sweet and Savory Strawberry-jammed Chicken

Today I found two small packages of strawberry jam in my fridge. Desiring a new taste at the same time, I decided to create a sweet and savory dish with the jam. This strawberry-jammed chicken was a big success. My husband and I loved it so much. We had it with Tofu soup and white rice. What a perfect dinner!

Strawberry-jammed Chicken

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The wonderful blend of sweetness and saltiness will surely regain everybody's appetite. This strawberry sauce is easy to make.

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Yield: 2 servings

Sep 6, 2014

One of My Childhood Favorites: Texas Spaghetti

Hardee's first opened its restaurant in Hong Kong in 1990. It closed its last two shops in Hong Kong on December 27, 2006. Within 16 years, Hardee's left in my heart a few signature foods - curly fries, Texas Spaghetti and Mushroom Rice. I would say Hardee's was quite a success, as my mum didn't like fast food yet she wouldn't mind taking us to Hardee's.

Since I moved to North America (first Canada, then San Francisco), I have had more time for cooking. I looked for the recipe for my Texas Spaghetti but it was nowhere to be found. I also looked up Hardee's menu and finally realized what we had was a special Hong Kong menu! Lucky us!

I have cooked this spaghetti a few times already and my friends love it so much (they even call it "irresistible"!). I love it myself too! The taste brought back a lot of fond memories I had with my mum (especially because we both loved spaghetti). If you keep on reading my food blog, you will learn how much I love spaghetti, and perhaps you will also find out Hong Kong people love pasta much more than you expect.

Texas Spaghetti

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You will like this easy recipe for an impressive spaghetti with delicious aroma and exquisite taste!

My Texas Spaghetti