Jun 26, 2014

Chinese Pot Soup

I used to think every person on this planet started their dinner with soup. 

Jun 24, 2014

Lovely Dim Sum Siu Mai Dumplings

Never did I realise I love Dim Sum until I came to Canada.

As dim sum is expensive in Canada, I have to make it myself. Siu Mai is one of the easiest to make.

Siu Mai Dumplings


Fish Siu Mai in Wanton Wrapper

Jun 18, 2014


If you go to a dim sum restaurant (yum cha), you can usually find this savory pancake.

This type of Chinese pancake is popular in Canton area (Guangdong). That's why I have given it the name 'Cantopancake' - to distinguish it from other types of pancakes in China.

The recipe for the Cantopancake is really simple. It takes you only a few minutes to make one delicious piece.

(Canton Chinese pancake)



Jun 13, 2014

What Hong Kong people have for breakfast

As a Hongkonger, I always feel fortunate considering what we eat. Not only is the food delicious and cheap, but it is always so easy for us to try different things, including early mornings. Generally, I have seven different breakfasts per week.

Probably, you are most familiar with our dim sum breakfast. Dim sum is a Cantonese (part of southern China) meal, and is served in Cantonese teahouses (which is not as quiet or peaceful as you think). Going to the teahouse is well known as "yum cha".

For many families, yum cha is a weekend family activity. We usually go yum cha on Sunday morning, and eat and talk for one or two hours.

Dim sum at a Cantonese teahouse (or Cantonese Restaurant)