Jun 13, 2014

What Hong Kong people have for breakfast

As a Hongkonger, I always feel fortunate considering what we eat. Not only is the food delicious and cheap, but it is always so easy for us to try different things, including early mornings. Generally, I have seven different breakfasts per week.

Probably, you are most familiar with our dim sum breakfast. Dim sum is a Cantonese (part of southern China) meal, and is served in Cantonese teahouses (which is not as quiet or peaceful as you think). Going to the teahouse is well known as "yum cha".

For many families, yum cha is a weekend family activity. We usually go yum cha on Sunday morning, and eat and talk for one or two hours.

Dim sum at a Cantonese teahouse (or Cantonese Restaurant)

But, you know, Hong Kong people lead hectic lives. It is luxury if we spend more than 15 (or even 10) minutes on breakfast on weekdays. So, many of us have to like bread. We have different kinds of bread. You can find both Chinese and Western bread in bakeries.

Hong Kong specialty: Pineapple Bun
(This is my unique Starry Mini-Pineapple Bun.)

We don't often make our own breakfast. Retired parents or grandparents may prepare breakfast for the family. I believe most other people just buy takeaway from outside, or enjoy eating out in the morning.

Traditional breakfast includes congee (rice porridge) and stir-fried noodles (chow mein). We usually have both together. Chow mein is dry, and congee is wet - the combination is just perfect! (Note: The breakfast chow mein is different from the lunch or dinner chow mein. It is simpler with green onions, ham and sesame only.)
congee & stir-fried noodles (chow mein)

We also have pancakes or cereal for breakfast~

We don't really make our own pancakes at home.
We have them at fast food shops.
The picture above was taken in my current home in Canada.

Breakfast for two

A typical breakfast set at a cha chaan teng (Hong Kong style restaurant) consists of a bowl of noodle soup, two eggs (or sausages or ham) and a cup of Hong Kong style milk tea (or coffee or a blend of milk tea and coffee called yuen yeung).

3 typical Hong Kong breakfast sets

I love macaroni soup with ham! This is usually Breakfast Set A on a cha chaan teng menu~
macaroni soup with ham and sliced abalone (fake abalone, of course!)

I like to add cheese to my macaroni soup in winter.

Note: Macaroni soup is actually "macaroni in soup". We only eat the macaroni, we don't drink the soup.

Hong Kong style fast food breakfast has gained its popularity over the years.

Fish fillet, sausages and a piece of turnip cake (a type of Chinese New Year cake)

Scrambled egg is a popular choice in breakfast. You can ask for scrambled eggs instead of fried eggs when you order your breakfast set. Some people like to order scrambled eggs sandwich (even with minced beef, or have the bread toasted).

Scrambled eggs sandwich

Can't stop talking about food^^~

Do you like our breakfast?

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