Jun 18, 2014


If you go to a dim sum restaurant (yum cha), you can usually find this savory pancake.

This type of Chinese pancake is popular in Canton area (Guangdong). That's why I have given it the name 'Cantopancake' - to distinguish it from other types of pancakes in China.

The recipe for the Cantopancake is really simple. It takes you only a few minutes to make one delicious piece.

(Canton Chinese pancake)



Prep time:  
Cook time:  
Total time:  
Yield: 1 piece 


All-purpose flour flour: 60-70 ml 
Salt: 1/3 teaspoon 
Water: 100 ml 
Chopped green onions: 1.5


1. Add all ingredients into a mug. Mix them.

2. Heat the oil (1-2 tbsp) in a frying pan over high heat.

3. Test the oil temperature: If the drop of water jumps out immediately after you drop it into the pan, the oil is hot enough. Then add the ingredients prepared in step 1.

4. When the edge of the pancake is golden brown (crispy), turn and brown the other side (about 1 minute). [Tip: When the first side is nicely cooked, the pancake will signal you to flip it by moving smoothly in the pan - of course, first you have to give the pan a slight push.]

It is most delicious when hot!!!!!~

My husband and I usually have 3 Cantopancakes for breakfast.

The Chinese version of this recipe:

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